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    New Alternative to Agitator New Mechanism of water treatment mixer
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Services We Offer

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Flash mixing capacity : optimal design & high diffusion

High G-value

Stable coagulation

Combined micro bubble / mixer

Chemical resistance

Non clogging

Simple installation & maintenance

Smart control with smart sensor

Wastewater Solutions!

General agitator should be stirred with the raw water for a certain period of time that Neutralization reaction occurs well. In the most important agitation of the coagulation reaction, MaxMixer exhibits unprecedented performance due to contact with raw water with small particles as the thing is sprayed in water. It can be applied to various industrial fields and it will be the best solution where you want to improve the performance of chemical agitation.


The mixing method of the MAXMIXer is a multi-stage impeller rotating at 1720 rpm. Dispersed in water and injected at ultra-high speed with micro-nano sized particles, it is the best method in adsorption and charge neutralization reaction. By mixing the chemicals with the contact time within 1 second, it is possible to reduce the coagulation chemicals, improve the flocculation efficiency, Reduction in sludge generation, and improvement in the efficiency of the flotation process.

The coagulant diffusion energy in the flash mixing zone is strongest and corresponds to the area of contact time less than 1 second. The maxmixer is used to spray very fast It can be evenly distributed throughout the contact reactor tank.
The maxmixer is a multi-stage impeller that rotates at 1720rpm. The chemical liquid is dispersed in water in the direction of 18m/sec in the direction of 360. By mixing the chemicals with a contact time of less than 1 second, it is possible to reduce chemicals uasage, improve flocculation efficiency, and reduce turbidity of treated water.

MAXMIXer basic design

The MAXMIXer is a combination of a special motor for injecting chemicals and a turbine impeller. Depending on the motor capacity, the processing capacity is…

Design Approach

Among the design elements of the water treatment plant, the cohesion reaction and the efficiency of the mixer greatly affect the quality of the whole…

Improved solution for DAF process

The traditional disoloved air flotation(DAF) process has the disadvantage that the pressurization facility of the internal recirculating water is complicated and the operating cost is…

Smart system

Smart system


  • The sensor value of the wastewater is measured and transmitted wirelessly.
  • Operate the motor(Chemical pump) according to the preset sensor value range by engineer.
  • Control the speed(RPM) of motor by inverter in PLC operation.
  • You can expect overall operating cost savings by increasing the spreading efficiency through MaxMixer and checking and controlling chemical usage through smart control.

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