Design Approach

Among the design elements of the water treatment plant, the cohesion reaction and the efficiency of the mixer greatly affect the quality of the whole water treatment.

When chemicals are added, the diffusion rate is an important management point that determines the electrical neutralization, particle impact, and growth and strength of the flocs. It is an effective management point to narrow the gap from the jar test results.

In addition, the design of the chemical reactor should be equipped with facilities necessary for operation and maintenance such as optimum residence time, pH sensor and control, removal of scum, and discharge of sediment according to influent flow rate. An unnecessary increase in the tank volume will increase the equipment cost and area.

When a general mechanical stirrer with a G value of 400 to 800 sec -1 is replaced by a flashmixing using a MaxMixer, the G value is increased from 1,500 to 2,000 sec -1, . This results in excellent results in systems such as dissolved air flotation process.

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