Improved solution for DAF process

The traditional disoloved air flotation(DAF) process has the disadvantage that the pressurization facility of the internal recirculating water is complicated and the operating cost is high. The efficiency improvement effect of the float separation process with Maxmixing technology can experience energy saving efficiency, simplify the process operation(not compressed air tank), and make maintenance easier.

High-speed chemical spraying technology of MAXMIXer yields a high G value not seen on conventional mechanical agitator and stirrer

G-Value (Sec-1)3,3722,3841,946

Basic Data

CapacityMotor powerImpeller diameterFeed flow
1, 000 m3/day2.2 kw180 mm15 LPM (PACl)
2, 000 m3/day3.7 kw200 mm22 LPM (PACl)
3, 000 m3/day5.5 kw220 mm33 LPM (PACl)

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