DAF for whitewater treatment in paper industry

Recovery of pulp materials from papermill process water is an important driving factor for improving production rate. The flotation process with MAXMIXer has been effective in reducing coagulant(PACl) usage, increasing pulp materials recovery rate, improving process water quality and reducing electricity consumption.

1st DAF for wastewater treatment

In paper mill wastewater treatment, turbidity reduction of the primary treated water can be an important management factor in terms of improving the efficiency of the secondary biological treatment. Improvement of turbidity can affect the rate of biological degradation. The application of the Max mixer technology improves floatation efficiency by increasing the G value of the existing chemical diffusion tank and by supplying the micro bubbles simultaneously to make feather flocs.

DAF for tertiary treatment

In wastewater treatment as 2,000 m3/day, The MAXDAF process, which is in operation for the tertiary process, supplies micro bubbles for the floatation with only 3.7 kw(5 hp) power, and is stably treating the COD and SS of the secondary treatment.


DAF with Maxmixing tech for post treatment of UASB process

The application of MAXMIXer, only 1 uint, improves flocculation efficiency, increases adhesion of bubbles, stabilizes floc flotation with sufficient bubble feed, and improves water quality of effluent.